Lisa Zachoda
Professional Barrel Racer
2014 Canadian Finals Rodeo Barrel Racing Qualifier
Hoof Armor 
2013 FHA 100
1st Place, Light-weight division Pat & Memphis 
(Tennessee Walker)

Hoof Armor 
2012 Tevis Cup
Tera & Jazz (Morgan) 
Cougar Rock


Application Sequence

This is an example of typical hoof growth after two previous applications of Hoof Armor.

Any type of trim can be done including natural rollovers, mustang roll, etc. The preferred trim; the Hoof Armor Corrective Trim, is available here.

Paring the sole is not recommended.

Hoof Armor Application Sequence

The hoof should be freshly rasped or wire brushed.

Hoof Armor Application Sequence   Hoof Armor Application Sequence

Apply a THIN bead of Hoof Armor to the hoof wall. Hoof Armor can be applied to the sole for immediate protection and to grow thicker sole for future stone protection.

HoofArmor Application Sequence

Two rubber gloves are included in the kit to spread the Hoof Armor to the desired thickness.

Only a THIN coating is required.

Once applied the hoof should be coated with Talcum Powder or placed down in sand or loose soil.

Hoof Armor Application Sequence

 HoofArmor Application Sequence   HoofArmor Application Sequence

As a precaution, if the Hoof Armor is not completely dry to the touch, it is recommended to avoid concrete or rubber mats with a Hoof Armored hoof for at least one hour if possible.

That is the reason the talcum powder is used.  It keeps Hoof Armor from smearing on concrete or rubber mats.

HoofArmor Application Sequence

Hoof Armor Starter Kit

Hoof Armor Starter Kit

Tips on Use:
As I have always had trouble keeping from using my hands, I have been wearing that a pair of latex gloves and found that using my gloved finger to rub the Hoof Armor into the sole gives me the right thickness and cures quicker.

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